LM Currency Protected Australia Income Fund

Spectacular collapse of the LM Investment Management Limited

I was first introduced to LM Investment Management Limited by an institution on May 2008. It was to be offered to high networth or Accredited Investors. It was an Australian fund manager. The fund that was introduced to me was the LM Currency Protected Australia Income Fund. The returns were generally 100bps more than the standard fixed deposit rates as shown below: Despite its attractive returns, I was not keen because the fund invested in the LM First Mortgage Income Fund.  I was not … [Read More...]

retirement plan

3 common excuses to delay retirement planning

In the HSBC’s latest global report, Generations and journeys, a whopping 59% of retirees is using cash savings/ deposits to help them fund their retirement. There were other worrisome findings highlighting the serious retirement gap such as: Pre-retirees expect to save for additional 9 years as compared to current retirees. Many retirees wish they had started saving earlier. 21% of pre-retirees expected to downsize their property when retired compared to the current … [Read More...]

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