Fineprints for Aviva SAF Insurance for NSmen

The Aviva SAF Insurance is a very popular policy used by those who has done their national service. To those who are not sure whether are they insured with the Aviva SAF Insurance, they can check their certificates whether they have bought any of the following policies:

  1. Aviva SAF Group Term Life Insurance
  2. Aviva SAF Group Living Care Policy
  3. Aviva SAF Group Living Care Plus
  4. Aviva SAF Group Personal Accident Insurance
  5. Aviva SAF Group Disability Income Insurance
  6. Aviva SAF Group Outpatient MediCare

To me, the Aviva SAF Insurance should not be used as part of the core-insurance of one’s needs. It should be viewed as similar to company’s employment benefits which is not guaranteed renewable. Below is the fine print printed on the certificate:

saf insurance

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