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Land banking in Singapore will go out of business

Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) sends shockwave to the land banking industry in Singapore by issuing a consultation paper entitled “MAS Proposes Stronger Safeguards for Investors” to regulate the largely unregulated industry. It is quite a surprised to everyone since it is assumed the authority does not want to regulate land banking in Singapore. What is land banking? The Land banking in Singapore offers investors the opportunity to invest in real estate at different phases of … [Read More...]


ST forum: Why integrated shield plans are not competitive?

Recently, a number of Members of Parliament wanted the government to regulate the Integrated shield plans to prevent profiteering. I feel that regulation to prevent profiteering should not be encouraged in the free market system like Singapore as it gives the impression that the pursue of excellence in making good profit is bad. Whether profit is good or bad depends on whose perspective. A shareholder of a company will view it as good while a consumer would view it as bad. Is the shareholder … [Read More...]

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What Kind of Estate Planning Is Required When Investing In Overseas Properties?

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CPF Life Standard default plan is the worst of the 2

Question: “Wilfred, can you take a few minutes to look at an example of a CPF life annuity plan generated using the CPF LIFE Payout Estimator? A typical screenshot is as attached. Look at the big gap between the bequest amount and the little difference in the monthly payout. Did I overlook something as the […]


Why you must read the Full Report on MediShield Life

For the past six months, the details of Medishield Life were published in the newspaper in bits and pieces. Most people still has no clue as to what Medishield Life is all about because of the information overload. If you are one of those who ‘turned-off’ to all those newspaper articles related to Medishield Life, […]

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Aviva SAF Group Insurance can be terminated without prior notice

Fineprints have literally become so small you need a magnifying glass to read it Very often I find that the insurance portfolio of my clients consists of buying investment linked policies with very low protection benefit but at an exorbitant premium. The only ‘good’ policies they have would usually be CPF’s Dependents’ Protection Scheme and […]


ST Forum: Regulate investment seminars

There are many investment seminars and courses being conducted. You will see such advertisements in the newspaper. Very often, these courses promise the attendees high investment returns if they follow the technique taught by the trainers. Most of these trainers are unregulated and do not have a license from Monetary Authority of Singapore to give […]

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Improving the success rate of the retirement portfolio

Because you wouldn’t want to sell tissue This is a follow-up article from the previous article I wrote on “Retirees, here is an example of converting capital gains to an income stream“. Professional financial planners have been debating ways to improve the success rate of the retirement portfolio. ‘Success’ is defined as the retiree not […]

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