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Why you should never fall in love with your investment?

Why you should never fall in love with your investment?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pD6Ctpt31M4 If you prefer to read, the following is the transcript: In my dealing with investment clients, I often find my clients falling in love with their investments. I will always counsel them to distance themselves from their investments because once they become too emotional, their investment decision making becomes subjective. How do you know you are in love with your investments? First, if you have been investing based on the past success of the … [Read More...]

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DirectAsia online term life insurance

Many may have heard of DirectAsia selling motor insurance online. However, what is little known is DirectAsia’s online term life insurance which was launched on 9 October 2013. The term life insurance is underwritten by AXA Life. This online purchase is not the same as MAS’ push for life insurers to sell directly. DirectAsia is still a middleman which takes commission from AXA Life. MAS’ idea of direct insurance purchase removes the middleman entirely. But what we can see is that as early as … [Read More...]


Medical Expenses – how expensive can it get?

Have you heard of the story of Marjorie who was diagnosed with a bone cancer at just six? After fighting for 6 years, she passed away leaving her parents in debt. The estimated medical expenses for cancer was whopping $400,000! Marjorie's grandmother even sold her flat to help pay for medical expenses[1]. Consider another case: Mr. Tan Guan Seng had an accident at work. He was admitted to C-class ward at the National University Hospital. He was charged a whopping $147,000 for medical … [Read More...]

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What Kind of Estate Planning Is Required When Investing In Overseas Properties?

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What happened to Traded Endowment Policies?

Never heard of Traded Endowment Policies anymore. Around 2007, Traded Endowment Policies were aggressively marketed to many investors.  Today, we seldom hear of anyone marketing such products anymore.  No prize for guessing why. Traded Endowment Policies are just regular premium insurance endowment policies. These endowments have cash values and maturity values. All Traded Endowment Policies […]

care needed when buying insurance direct

ST forum: Care needed when buying insurance direct

The follow letter was published in Straits Times forum page on 4 August 2014: Care needed when buying insurance direct I SUPPORT the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s move to offer consumers a choice in buying life insurance direct without paying for commission (“Come early 2015: Buy basic insurance directly, save on commission“, last Wednesday). It […]

cpf private pension plans

ST forum: Exercise caution on CPF private pension plans

The following letter was published in Straits Times on 31 July 2014 regarding CPF Private Pension Plans: I URGE the Government to proceed with caution in allowing Central Provident Fund members to invest in CPF private pension plans (“Private pension plans an option: Tharman“; July 23). In 2004, the CPF Board solicited1 feedback from industry players […]

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CPF private pension plans – sure way to lose money

CPF Private Pension Plans to be revisited? Some Singaporeans have been pressing the government to give a higher return in their CPF savings. Perhaps under pressure, Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam surprised participants[1] of the Institute of Policy Studies forum on CPF and retirement adequacy that for those who can shoulder higher risks and want […]

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Direct life insurance purchase delays to 2015

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) announced the features of life insurance products which consumers can buy directly from insurers. The bad news is that this will not happen until early 2015. It was previously reported by the media that the implementation of direct life insurance purchase should have been in middle of 2014. It […]

what's involved in writing a will

ST Forum: What’s involved in writing a will

The issue of a will turning out to be invalid is not new. The press often reports these cases. For instance, recently a lawyer by the name of Johnny Cheo Chai Beng was sued by 18 beneficiaries because the will he prepared turn out to be invalid.  But what never appear in the press is […]

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