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cpf changes 2015

Analysis of CPF Changes 2015 & my very long commentary

Recently, it was announced that there will be CPF changes. The CPF Advisory Panel has made a number of recommendations. The recommendations are in 10 separate documents! To help my readers figured out what is happening, I have combined all the 10 reports into a single document. All page number mentioned in this article refers to the PDF page number of the combined document. So when I say page 11 of the combined report, you should insert “11” to the tool bar of the Acrobat Reader as shown in the … [Read More...]

Citibank survey

Few Singaporeans have formal retirement plan: Citibank survey

It new survey by Citibank found that: Only 31% had a retirement plan. 47% consistently saved at least some of their pay. Lacks financial knowledge, eg only 23% knowing exactly what to do if they were given a lump sum for investments. The higher the income, the likely to have a formal retirement plan. 61% said they would pledge some of their assets to buy insurance. Source: Few Singaporeans have formal retirement plan: Survey. The lack of any formal retirement plan is consistent … [Read More...]

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